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Essay Exhibition “Myself and China” for International Students in China


为了深入了解来华留学生对中国的认知和体验,进一步丰富外国留学生的在华生活,增进外国留学生知华、友华的情怀和对中国人民的友谊,现iStudy School发起面向来华留学生的“我与中国”征文活动。

iStudy School are organizing an Essay Exhibition “Myself and China” to reflect international students’ perceptions of the changes and development taken place in China during the past 5 years. The Essay Exhibition aims to enrich international students’ lives in China, and to strengthen the friendship between international students and Chinese people.

Participants: International students studying in China

Theme: Myself and China

具体要求 Requirements

1.      题目自拟,以自身视角,看中国社会生活的各个领域,用讲故事的形式,畅谈在华留学的感受等。

The specific title of the essay can be determined by candidates. Various aspects of society, culture and economy in China can be reflected in the essay, especially your university life.

2.      体裁不限,篇幅400字左右,请务必用中文撰写。自配图文。

There are no restrictions on style or genre. Essays should be about 400 words long and must be written in Chinese. Please match the graphic with the text if necessary. Besides, be noted that your name, gender, nationality, university/college, and your own photo should be added in your essay.

3.      文件格式: word版

File format: Word (.doc or .docx)

4.      展示方式: iStudy School 官方网站和微信公众号将陆续刊登征集到的优秀作品。

Exhibition method: Outstanding essays will be published on the website and WeChat official account of iStudy School.

5.      征文时间:2017年12月13日至2018年1月13日

Essay collection time: Dec 13, 2017 - Jan 13, 2018

6.      展示开始时间:2018年1月19日

Exhibition start time: Jan 19, 2018

7.      投稿方式:请将作品投稿至网站, 并在邮件中附上本人姓名、国籍、就读院校及本人电子版生活照一张。

Contribution method: All essays need to be submitted on iStudy School website (

8.      网站投稿流程: 注册/登录网站——进入学生用户中心——征文海报——上传作品。

How to submit your essay on iStudy School website:

Step 1: Register or log in iStudy School website;

Step 2: Go to the User Center, click Submit Essay on the page banner;

Step 3: Complete the required information and upload your essay, then click Submit to complete submission.

活动奖励 Rewards

1.      征文作品一经选用,投稿者将获得一期12课时的汉语写作课程(原价699元,现仅需99元)。

Once the essay is selected, the contributor can get a 12-lesson Chinese writing course at ¥ 99 (original price ¥ 699).

2.      凡经iStudy School 资深中文教师审核通过4篇及以上作品的投稿者, 可获得iStudy School 颁发的证书。

A certificate from iStudy School will be awarded to the contributor who contributes more than 4 essays that are published on the website and WeChat official account of iStudy School.

更多详情请关注iStudy School 官方网站 ,或关注我们的微信公众号:iStudy Chinese。如有任何问题,请联系活动联系人:Carrie(咨询微信号:13160080920)

Please visit iStudy School website:, or add our WeChat official account: iStudy Chinese for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Carrie by adding her WeChat (WeChat ID: 13160080920).


iStudy School

Dec 13, 2017


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