Chinese University Scholarship Prep. Course


Chinese University Scholarship Prep. Course

Chinese University Scholarship Prep. Course is a language preparation course designed for students who have received Conditional Offer from Chinese universities but didn’t reach the language proficiency requirement or didn't pass the admission interview, in order to help improve students' Chinese/English level and help them successfully study in China. After students complete the course and pass the final exam successfully, they are able to get the FULL SCHOLARSHIP, otherwise they can get partial scholarship or transfer to other projects.

The pathway to the best scholarship in China

Learning form: Online learning

Credits received from credit courses can be transferred to the first academic year

Excellent ISSP courses leading to 10 university scholarship admission after 1 year

Chinese Partner Universities

iStudy School aims to create a platform where Chinese partner universities can provide Chinese language courses for the potential international students studying in China.


University of Technology was founded in 1958. It is a key institution of higher education in Anhui Province, one of the 100 key universities in central and western China with priority support from the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE), and also a higher institution implementing MOE’s “Outstanding Engineering Education Project”. AHUT consists of 2 campuses, covering a total area of 1.64 million square meters.


Guangxi University of Finance and Economics

GXUFE was founded in 1960 and changed into current name in 2004. It is a local university focuses on Economics and Management disciplines with more than 20,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students. As for international cooperation, there are 2 Sino-foreign educational cooperation programs with Australia and French, 7 intercollegiate exchange programs for undergraduate students and junior college students with the universities of Britain, America, French, Thai, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. as well as 2 ACCA experimental classes.


Huzhou University

Huzhou University is a comprehensive fulltime undergraduate university, and has a long history. It began by offering higher education in 1958, and became a university for undergraduate students in 1999. In November 2005, the university passed the Assessment of Undergraduate Education by Ministry of the State with excellent scores. The University is located amidst Huzhou’s beautiful scenery, and major metropolises nearby are easily accessible.

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